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Monday, May 09, 2016

The Landscape Conservation Cooperative Network has multiple positions open. Check out the position announcements below for more information on each position.

California LCC: Science Coordinator
Application Deadline: May 19, 2016
Location: California State University Sacramento

The Science Coordinator for the California Landscape Conservation Cooperative performs a key role as a senior scientist collaboratively developing, maintaining, and advancing a strategic, landscape-oriented, partnership-driven approach to integrated fish and wildlife conservation throughout the CA LCC Region. We are seeking an excellent communicator who has worked with climate science and/or applied the adaptive management process.

Current Fed Application | US Citizen Application

Desert LCC: Science Coordinator
Application Deadline: May 11, 2016
Location: Tucson, Arizona

The Desert LCC is seeking a Science Coordinator to help address the complexities of landscape-scale conservation and science and advance its application across the Desert Landscape Conservation Cooperative geography (including parts of Mexico).

The Science Coordinator will resolve natural resource management issues by integrating natural and cultural resources sciences with knowledge of climate change, support scientific underpinning of conservation strategies and plans, and coordinate an adaptive management approach.

Current Fed Application | US Citizen Application

Western Alaska LCC: Science Communications Coordinator
Application Deadline: May 19, 2016
Location: Anchorage, Alaska

The Western Alaska LCC is looking for a team member who can link scientific findings to resource, land, or community management decisions as Alaskan communities and landscapes face new challenges from climate change.

The person in this position will engage with principal investigators of projects sponsored by the LCC or the Alaska Climate Science Center to identify the key findings of their studies then produce a wide variety of materials to bring that information to decision makers and the interested public. The work will be focused on coastal climate change throughout Alaska.

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