If you can't make it to Saint Paul for the 3rd National Adaptation Forum, you can still experience some of the event!

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

National Adaptation Forum remote participation

  1. Enjoy the live plenaries by clicking this link at the listed times. (all times Central Time)
    Opening Plenary | May 9th, 8:00- 9:40am
    Municipal Plenary | May 9th, 9:40- 11:00am
    Community Plenary | May 9th, 1:40- 2:40pm
    Business Plenary | May 10th, 8:00- 9:00am
    Natural Resources Plenary | May 10th, 1:20- 2:20pm
    Holistic Plenary | May 11th, 11:20- 12:20pm

  2. Explore the online program, where you can search for sessions by speaker, topic, theme, or any general keyword.

  3. Review Forum conversations and stay in the loop with social media!

Hashtag: #NAF2017
Twitter: @AdaptationForum
Facebook: @AdaptationForum

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