Plains & Prairie Potholes LCC Science Coordinator Vacancy Announcement

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Plains & Prairie Potholes LCC is seeking a Science Coordinator.

This position is located in the Midwest Regional Office, Bloomington, MN. The employee would serve as a Science Coordinator for the Plains and Prairie Pothole (PPP) Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC). The position involves coordination with staff within regional program offices and field offices, and with partners within the PPP LCC and throughout the cooperative conservation community to initiate, facilitate, integrate, coordinate, and communicate the Service work and activities addressing major stressors on landscape and habitat conservation. Work and activities relate to several primary functional aspects of Strategic Habitat Conservation (SHC) implementation and administration, including biological planning, conservation design, conservation planning, conservation delivery, assumption-driven research, monitoring/evaluation, and organizational performance.


​The announcement opens today, Tuesday May 24 and closes on ​Friday June 3. The position is open to US Fish and Wildlife Service employees in permanent career or career conditional appointments.

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