Tomorrow - Climate Change in America's National Parks Webinar: The Latest Word from the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Don't miss tomorrow's webinar from The National Park Service featuring Elsa Haubold, Landscape Conservation Network coordinator.

The Latest Word from the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives: Taking Strategic Steps for National Science and Adaptation Planning
Thursday, June 11, 2015 2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. EST


The Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) Network is five years young but has made much progress in that short time. The 22 LCCs that form the Network have brought together diverse partners to set shared goals and priorities for cultural and natural resources to cooperatively achieve epic large landscape conservation. The LCCs have also identified and are addressing science gaps and many are developing Landscape Conservation Designs to help partners collaborate on shared priorities across large geographies. For example, the fifteen southeastern state fish and wildlife agency directors asked the five LCCs in the southeast to create a Southeastern Conservation Adaptation Strategy (SECAS) and the South Atlantic LCC blueprint is the first step in the completion of SECAS, due to be finalized in fall 2016. In the Great Lakes, LCCs are helping prioritize the removal of barriers to fish passage and control the spread of invasive species. Each LCC has a growing list of accomplishments that stem directly from the shared priorities identified by the conservation collaborative. Decreasing budgets in nearly every sector have created an added incentive to collaborate with partners to achieve shared goals and the LCCs have been a useful forum for those collaborations to begin. Already, LCC investments have been significantly leveraged by partner resources and leveraging will expand in the future as the individual organizations invest to achieve the common vision. Collaborative conservation has been fostered in the past but never on the scale and with the commitment associated with the LCCs. The LCCs are building an integrated conservation community unlike any that has previously existed. The LCC Network is a strong force that can help the NPS achieve its landscape vision outlined in “Scaling Up.”

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