NorWeST update: Statewide California stream temperature database & scenarios now available online

Monday, June 13, 2016

The stream temperature database and scenarios for the Central Valley & remaining parts of California are now available on the NorWeST website. The data comes from 2,663 sites that were contributed by biologists and hydrologists working for 15 state, federal, tribal, university, and private resource organizations. The NorWeST project is a grassroots effort to develop an open access, comprehensive stream temperature database and set of high-resolution climate scenarios for the American West. The database currently houses >200,000,000 hourly records from >20,000 unique sites that were contributed by >100 agencies & resource groups. NorWeST was funded for California by the USFWS & the California Fish Passage Forum, with complimentary grants to do the project elsewhere from the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives, NASA, NFWF, USFS, & USGS.

enter image description here

You can view & query the stream temperature scenarios dynamically from your desktop using this nifty GoogleMap tool (zoom in until the streams appear).

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