Call for Tribal Co-hosts for 2016 National Tribal Forum on Air Quality - Deadline Aug. 14!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP) and the National Tribal Air Association (NTAA) are looking for tribes and/or inter-tribal organizations interested in co-hosting the 2016 National Tribal Forum on Air Quality (NTF). The NTF is a premier national tribal conference focused on improving air quality and addressing the impacts of climate change. This event historically draws close to 200 environmental professionals from tribes, state and federal agencies, and other organizations from across the country. For information about past conferences, please visit the NTF website

The Request for Proposals for Tribal Co-Hosts can be found below, along with a separate Request for Proposals for Lodging and Meeting Facilities. Tribes or tribal organizations wishing to provide a proposal for co-hosting and lodging or meeting facilities must submit a proposal that addresses both RFPs (or, preferably, separate proposals for co-hosting and for lodging/meeting space). More than one tribe or organization may collaborate on a proposal to serve as co-hosts, if desired. Proposals for tribal co-hosts must be submitted with all requested information no later than August 14, 2015.

Co-hosting this important event is an excellent way to showcase your program, share your stories, and affirm your commitment to environmental sustainability! There is no expectation or requirement that significant financial or logistical support be offered by the co-host, however the level of support offered goes a long way towards determining the overall outcome of the meeting, including attendee satisfaction. Tribal co-hosts will have the opportunity to meet with various federal officials and staff, interact with environmental professionals from across the country, present on their environmental projects, and be involved in the planning and delivery of the event, and more!

Benefits to the tribal co-host:
• Exclusive access to invited upper-level officials and staff from EPA and other federal agencies
• Showcase environmental projects, achievements, endeavors, challenges to a national audience
• Attract conference attendees to local area and businesses
• Prominent recognition on all publications, announcements, and advertising
• Waived conference registration fees for all tribal employees and community members
• Complimentary exhibit space for poster displays and/or outreach materials

Opportunities for contributing: Co-hosts are welcomed, but not required, to participate directly in the event planning and execution. Co-hosts are encouraged to offer any combination of support or assistance they are willing and able to dedicate to this event, large or small. ITEP and NTAA receive funds from the USEPA to carry out the basic conference; tribal co-hosts are invited to assist in, but are not expected to orchestrate the event planning activities.

Examples of how tribal co-hosts can contribute include:
• Formal sponsorship and/or funding support of any part of the event or associated activities
• Welcoming speaker and/or invocation
• Site visits or tours at tribal monitoring or other project sites
• Transportation to/from conference and/or local area
• On-site support (staff, logistics, etc.)
• Traditional cultural performances or activities
• Meals, refreshments, and/or entertainment
• Presentation(s) and/or poster(s) of tribal projects
• Assist with planning conference agenda, speakers, etc.
• Outreach to potential sponsors and vendors
• Connect with local press and outreach to community

Interested tribes or tribal organizations should submit a proposal detailing the types of support they are willing and able to offer as a co-host including any recommendations for lodging, meeting venues, and/or other amenities, if available. Please see the attached for additional information, or feel free to contact ITEP or NTAA with any questions.

Lydia Scheer, Program Manager Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals Northern Arizona University Box 15004 | Flagstaff AZ | 86011 Ph: 928.523.6887 Fx: 928.523.1266

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