U.S. Forest Service is hiring a Fish Biologist at Tongass National Forest

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

This Tongass Fish Biologist position announcement has been extended to October 17th. Please help spread the word on this fabulous job opportunity!


This is a GS-11 Fish Biologist position within the Supervisor’s Office on the Tongass National Forest. This position is with the Alaska Region, Tongass National Forest; Fish, Watershed, Wildlife, Ecology, Soils, and Subsistence staff which is responsible for providing administrative, technical, and professional support service in each of these arenas. This Fish Biologist position serves as a staff assistant for fish habitat planning, protection, and enhancement within the framework of multiple-use management.

This is a GREAT opportunity for someone who is passionate about aquatics resources and enjoys outdoor life in the beautiful, temperate, salmon producing rainforest of Southeast Alaska!

The Tongass National Forest was established in 1902 and covers nearly 17 million acres in Southeast Alaska. It is the nation’s largest National Forest. The Tongass stretches nearly 500 miles from its boundary with the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve in the north, to the Canadian boundary in the south. It is a forest of islands including the Alexander Archipelago, and the mainland. The unique forest landscapes of the Tongass vary dramatically in topographic relief and include a mosaic of forest, peat lands, steep rocky areas, glaciated mountains and other non-forested lands.

Alaska’s magnificent scenery, vast forests, and abundant natural resources match the size of the forest. The Tongass makes up ninety percent of Southeast Alaska and is a land of glaciers, mountains, waterways and thousands of islands separated by straits and channels. The islands and mainland create 11,000 miles of shoreline where regal mountains rise from the tidewater to overlook a mostly undeveloped and isolated landscape. The geography of the Alexander Archipelago presents a transportation challenge and most of the Tongass is isolated from the continental road system. You will find yourself boating or flying in a floatplane to most field locations. Visitors arrive by cruise ship, ferry or commercial airplane.

The duty station for this position will be located at either Ketchikan, Petersburg or Sitka, AK. The Final determination of the duty station will be made by the selecting official at the time of job offer. For additional information about the duties of the position, please contact Sheila Jacobson at 907-826-1629 or email sajacobson@fs.fed.us.

A few Tongass factoids: There are nearly 14,900 miles of anadromous rivers and streams and 123,000 acres of lakes and ponds that support and produce wild salmon from the Tongass!

Tongass rivers, lakes, and streams produce approximately 80% of the commercial salmon annually harvested from Southeast Alaska!

Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?


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