LCC Network Strategic Plan Lays Out Path for Next Five Years of LCC Conservation.

Monday, October 20, 2014

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Released today, The Landscape Conservation Cooperative Strategic Plan lays out the goals, objectives, and tactics that support the Network's vision and mission.

The Strategy focuses on the next five years of maintaining landscapes and seascapes across North America in order to sustain natural and cultural resources far into the future.

The document highlights four specific LCC goals including Conservation Strategy, Collaborative Conservation, Science, and Communication. These goals will help 22 LCCs across North America align their goals and objectives to provide the most efficient and successful conservation efforts at large landscape scales. Though each individual LCC is dedicated to unique priorities, the Network's strategic plan will work as a reference guide and showcase the diversity of conservation approaches around the Network.

To find out more information about the LCC Network and download a copy of the Strategic Plan, please visit the LCC Network Page.

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