Recap of the Southwest Climate Summit

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Success Story!
2015 Southwest Climate Summit

The 2015 Southwest Climate Summit engaged over 250 participants from over 50 agencies and organizations across the Southwest in conversations about enabling bold decisions in the face of climate change, decision support for adaptation management, and how to navigate the complexity of climate science.

The Summit highlighted the key principles for successful climate adaptation as:

  • Focus on future conditions and plan for change
  • Design actions in watershed or ecosystem context
  • Prioritize actions for multiple benefits to nature and people
  • Collaborate and communicate across sectors

Summit participants were able to take back many lessons learned about how to better catalyze effective climate adaptation. Those lessons include:

  • If we take action, it will have a positive impact for adaptation!
  • Need to shift towards co-production of science between managers and scientists
  • Listen to and include the expertise of Tribal members in adaptation partnerships and projects
  • There are many successful climate adaptation projects ongoing all of which we can build upon and champion

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