Berry Risk Mapping and Modeling of Native & Exotic Defoliators in Alaska


Nathan Lojewski, Chugachmiut

Webinar Date: 4/8/2015

Chugachmiut is the Tribal consortium created to promote self-determination to the seven Native communities of the Chugach Region in Alaska. Please join the NPLCC & Nathan Lojewski of the Chugachmiut on Wednesday April 8th from 9-10am Alaska/10-11am Pacific as we share the process and results of this 2013 NPLCC-funded subsistence project.

An outbreak of Geometrid moths has decimated subsistence berry harvest in South Central Alaska. This project developed a risk model to predict where subsistence berry plants will be most resistant to Geometrid attack. The model will be used to identify areas where berry improvement silvicultural treatments are most likely to be successful.

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