How will climate change affect bird distribution and abundance in the North Pacific?


Sam Veloz, Ph.D. and John Alexander, Ph.D.

Webinar Date: 3/12/2013

Models of how the distribution and abundance of species will be affected by climate change can help managers develop appropriate management strategies. We will present our work demonstrating the value of integrating data collected by multiple partners into a central database and making these data and associated modeling results available through a readily accessible decision support system.

We will provide examples of how bird species distribution and abundance models representing current and future climate conditions within the southern portion of the North Pacific LCC, coupled with a coniferous forest bird conservation plan for this area, can be used to inform natural resource management planning efforts.

We also will show how the bird models can be used to create conservation prioritization maps at the landscape level. Finally will demonstrate the web based decision support tool can be used by managers to apply our modeling results to climate adaptation planning efforts.