NPLCC Conservation Planning Atlas Introduction Webinar for U S Fish & Wildlife Service


Tom Miewald, NPLCC Data Coordinator

Webinar Date: 9/9/2014

How can the North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative's Conservation Planning Atlas assist U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service employees with their work? Learn more from NPLCC data coordinator, Tom Miewald.

Discover, visualize and analyze landscape-scale data through the NPLCC's new, dynamic Conservation Planning Atlas. We invite stakeholders throughout the NPLCC range and beyond to visit the CPA, search for spatial data sets, visualize results of NPLCC-funded projects, and learn about landscape-scale conservation science and design. The CPA is constantly being expanded through user contributions and completion of new projects. We encourage you to explore the CPA, contribute to the vast array of content, and join the NPLCC in cultivating a one-stop-shop for landscape data in the North Pacific Region.

Visit the CPA at: