Prioritizing restoration & enhancement of passage at stream-road crossings for fish


Rachel Reagan, USGS

Webinar Date: 7/21/2015

Streams across the world are highly fragmented due to the presence of in-stream barriers (e.g., dams and stream-road crossings), many of which restrict or block fish passage. Retrofitting or replacing these structures is a high priority for restoring habitat connectivity for native fishes and other aquatic organisms in the Pacific Northwest.

The task of restoring habitat connectivity for problematic stream-road crossings is daunting given the many thousands of barriers that are present and the massive financial investments required. Further, the potential risks to road infrastructure from flooding, debris flows, and climate change will need to be addressed to ensure the best allocation of resources.

This NPLCC-funded project with U.S. Geological Survey evaluated how climate change impacts might impact the risk of culvert failure and how to best prioritize culvert replacements.

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