Population and Habitat Assessments Projects

Fiscal Year Project Name Project Lead

Fiscal Year Funded 2015

Developing Shared Strategies for Sea-level Rise Adaptation in Working Lands of Humboldt Bay and the Eel River Delta

Project Managers Jill Demers, Coastal Ecosystems Institute of Northern California

Fiscal Year Funded 2015

Integrating Climate Change into Washington's State Wildlife Action Plan Revision

Project Managers Lynn Helbrecht, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Fiscal Year Funded 2013

Coastal Ecosystem Response to Climate Change: Disseminating Results to Coastal Managers

Project Managers John Takekawa - USGS, Western Ecological Research Center

Report Other

Fiscal Year Funded 2011

Modeling Climate Change Effects on the Hydrology of Pacific Northwest Wetland Ecosystems

Project Managers Alan Hamlet - University of Washington

Report Other

Fiscal Year Funded 2011

Humboldt Bay NWR Sea-Level Rise Modeling

Project Managers Karen Thorne - USGS Western Ecological Research Center

Report Webinar Other