USGS Sea-Level Rise Workshops

Meeting Date: 11/12/2014

- 11/13/2014

These 2014-2015 workshops were part of the Humboldt Bay NWR Sea-Level Rise Modeling project which applied sea-level rise (SLR) modeling approaches along the Pacific coast tidal gradient at a parcel scale through improved data collection tools and collaboration relevant to land managers. Results of the study were then presented at seven workshops throughout California, Oregon and Washington. The goal of these workshops was to provide resource managers with information on the value of different datasets and methods including their uncertainty, as well as determining their usefulness in climate change adaptation planning in tidal marsh habitats.

At locally hosted workshops, participants: (1) Learned about site-specific baseline data and modeling results, coast-wide trends, and data gaps; (2) Helped identify how local results may be incorporated into conservation, planning, and adaptation case studies; and (3) Provided feedback on a coast-wide science needs assessment. Information learned from workshop participants will be shared with the North Pacific and California LCCs.

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